“Excellent, well-structured, clear and with good use of exercises and case studies to practise learning. Lots of opportunity to ask questions and discuss individual cases.”

Next Link, Bristol

“It was one of the best training sessions I have been on recently. I will definitely recommend it to the rest of the organisation’s staff and volunteers.”

Knowsley Domestic Violence Support Services

“Excellent training, informative, accessible for those without a legal background and the use of case studies really helps to put theory into practical situations. I would recommend this to all agencies working with victims of domestic violence.”

Northern Sunflower Centre

“Excellent training day. Very relevant to my job in homelessness. Many thanks!”

Test Valley Borough Council

“Excellent pace of training; Debbie is extremely knowledgeable and so comfortable with the topic that it makes it easier to learn.”

The Nia Project, London

“Very informative. Trainer very knowledgeable and made the course extremely interesting. Very impressed!”

East Surrey Domestic Abuse Service

“I would willingly recommend this to others.”

 Surrey Women’s Aid

“Brilliant. I liked best the sheer amount of useful content – learned quite a few really helpful things.”

Bath Women’s Aid

“It clarified what has been a ‘hazy maze’ of facts in the past. I only wish I had had this knowledge earlier as it would have helped me pass on to women information that would have greatly helped them in their situation. I feel the information gleaned will be of great help in my capacity as a volunteer.”

South Devon Women’s Aid

“Excellent. There was a lot of info but we went at a steady pace and it was good to look at all the aspects, something which you rarely get.”

City of London CAB

“Your personal style was complimentary to a very well structured programme…Paper feeds, interactive sessions as well as didactic approach made for a valued experience that will greatly assist my service to clients.”

Maidstone CAB

“It has been the best, most informative training I have been on, and will be very applicable to my everyday role, and beneficial for our service users.”

Berkshire Womens Aid

“This will be very useful information; handouts & case studies were good too! Thank you.”

Tracey Ratcliffe, CRI

“Thoroughly enjoyed. Debbie, you are a great trainer & made me feel at ease, which enabled me to learn more. Thank you!”

Laura, Sunflower Centre, Hemel

“Have learnt so much in just one day!”


“Good trainer. Really knows her stuff.”

Ashley Haering, Refuge

“An interesting and informative course dealing with a difficult and little understood area of abuse-well done.”

Juin Sheeran, Innisfree Housing Association

“I found this course very useful. It has certainly widened my knowledge and understanding.”

Mandy Mellor, Women’s Aid

“The info was quite intense but was presented in an interesting & informative way. I also appreciated the sensitivity towards the diversity of the training group’s working backgrounds.”

Rachael Shippam, Nottingham City Council Housing Aid

“Thank you. I really enjoyed this session-very pertinent info.”

Wendy Green, Rushcliffe Borough Council

“This is the only course I have ever been involved in relating to D.A./housing/co-habitees and the law. I have found the entire day so informative and all the content is new to me and very relevant to the job that I do. Lovely venue and a very relaxed day. Thank you Debbie.” CH

“This course is absolutely brilliant in helping our clients through the maze associated with legal and housing and domestic abuse, in a language that they will understand; i.e. not in legal jargon.” SL

“Very clear explanations of complicated concepts. Very practical advice and information. The presenter made a difficult topic interesting and enjoyable. Handouts are relevant and will be used often. Really well done! Absolutely worth coming into town! Thanks.” LB

“How interactive it was; hearing from other women about the situation on the ‘ground’ was really useful. I liked that it was relaxed and you could make comments easily.” BS

“I felt every section of the training was relevant to my role and therefore really useful. The delivery of this training was excellent and covered so many areas. I have learnt so much today that I will be able to implement in my post.”